Our Services include

  • Employment Contracts and mandatory policies to cover all types of employment relationship
  • Contractual advice [on a pro-rata basis] as required for new/existing employees
  • Review and update of existing Contracts of Employment

Does every employee require an Employment Contract?

If an employee receives a regular wage or salary they automatically have a contract of employment. Even if it is not written down, employment legislation in Ireland recognises agreements between employer and employee. While the complete contract of employment does not have to be in writing, the Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994, says that certain terms of the contract must be put in writing.

This requirement does not apply to employees who have been employed for less than one month.

Terms that must be included in any Contract of Employment:

  1. The full name of employer and employee
  2. The address of the employer
  3. The place of work, or places of work if the employee is required to work in a variety of locations
  4. The job title or the nature of the employment
  5. The date the employment began
  6. The details of the contract if it is fixed
  7. The expected length of the contract if is temporary