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CB & Associates provides a full range of Health and Safety training. We run regular public training events and online courses as well as providing inhouse training on your premises for your entire staff team.

If you wish us to come to your facility and deliver inhouse training call us on +353-1-6235908 for a competitive quote. Public courses and online courses can be booked directly from this website.

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Near Misses & Accidents

This course will give you knowledge on what near misses and accidents are and why you should investigate them both. You will learn how to gather evidence, draw conclusions and use relevant reporting techniques.

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Reporting with RIDDOR

This course will teach you about RIDDOR - the standard procedure for investigating accidents and near misses. You will learn about different report types, amending reports, recent changes and exemptions, and the guidelines for keeping records.

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Emergency First Aid

The Basic First Aid course will guide you through your response in the event of an emergency. You will learn about the different First Aid procedures and how and when to use them, including AED for a cardiac emergency.

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Cardiac First Responder

The CPR & AED course will guide you through how to how the heart works, what happens when someone suffers a cardiac event, what is defibrillation, how to use an AED and how to perform CPR.

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Employers - it's the law!

This course will give you the knowledge on how a fire starts & the different causes of fires. You will learn about Fire safety legislation, how to carry out correct fire safety procedures and what to do in the event of a fire.

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Consumer Information Requirements

The Allergen Awareness course covers topics that are important to get a basic understanding of Allergies, Allergens and why they can be dangerous. It also covers the requirements of Consumer Information Legislation.

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Dealing with Allergic Reactions

This course will teach you what causes allergic reactions, the symptoms of an allergic reaction and how to treat an allergic reaction.

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Required Training for Handling Food

Certified FSAI Level 1 Food Safety course covering the mandatory food safety skills required before working in a kitchen or handling food.

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Food Safety for Employees

This certified FSAI Level 2 Food Safety Course Principles of Food Safety and HACCP is aimed at food workers in retail and catering, encompassing best hygienic practice in the both food and food related industries.

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Mapped to FSAI Level 3

HACCP Level 3 is suitable for Managers and Supervisors involved in food production or food retail, Head Chefs and Cooks/Supervisors, Managers and Food Business Owners/Staff involved in the construction of the HACCP Plan.

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3 Year Certification

The Manual Handling certification is valid for 3 years. This course is given in accordance with the guidelines of the Safety Health and Welfare Act, Manual Handling of loads regulations (General Applications) 2007.

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FETAC Level 5

This is a comprehensive 3 day FETAC level 5 certification course which qualifies successful candidates to provide First Aid in the Workplace in compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at work Regulations 2007.

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Reducing Hazards in the Workplace

This course is designed to show you how deal with potential hazards in the workplace. The course will show you what can harm people in the workplace and how to prevent further accidents.

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Focussing on You

This course teaches you how to deal with and manage stress in the workplace. You will learn about the negative effects of stress and how to improve your productivity and physical/emotional health by dealing with and managing stress.

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