Managing Conflict

Most businesses face conflict from time to time. We all know too well how such conflicts can cost us emotionally and may cost us financially. Resolving such conflicts is what we are good at in CB & Associates. We have a highly praised reputation for getting things back on track and improving workplace relations.

If you do not have a fair and legally compliant Disciplinary Procedure you will not be able to enforce it. Get our professional advice now.

Don't let workplace grievances escalate out of control! Get our help writing an effective and workable Grievance policy.

Conflict: Prevent it! Manage it! Resolve it!. We will work with your business to find an amicable solution to workplace conflicts!

Workplace conflict is a drain on any business's resources. We can provide your business with experienced, qualified mediators with a track record of success.

CB & Associates provides effective training, mediation and investigative services in relation to the prevention of Bullying and Harassment at work.

We carry out all investigations in accordance with employment law following the LRC Codes of Best Practice.