The Allergen Awareness course covers topics that are important to get a basic understanding of Allergies, Allergens and why they can be dangerous. It also covers the requirements of Consumer Information Legislation that came into effect in December 2014. Whilst the main focus of this course is on the requirements for consumer information in retail businesses, the course can also be taken by people in restaurants and takeaways.

Course Content

  1. Instructions and Tutorial
  2. Food Allergies – Overview
  3. Food Allergies – Symptoms
  4. Managing Allergen Risks
  5. Managing Allergen Risks – Exercises
  6. Certification Test


This course contains online self-assessments after each module and an online certification exam at the very end. The self-assessments do not count towards the final examination marks but simply give you an idea of how you are doing. On successfully passing the final certification exam you will be issued with a certificate from MKRMS Food Safety. Its owner, Matthias Kausch, is a member of the International Association for Food Protection and a licensed trainer for the Environmental Health Officers Association (EHOA) as well as the National Hygiene Partnership (NHP).


The course can be taken at any time and any place so all that is required is an internet connection and a computer. Completing the course will use approximately 15MB of data which is roughly the same as watching a 5 minute YouTube video. You can complete the course on a tablet device, if using iPad then please ensure you are using the Safari browser that comes preinstalled on the machine.

Course Duration and Delivery

Online Training You do not have to complete the online course in one sitting and you can also break it into small chunks if you wish. Should you have to leave the course unexpectedly, it will remember where you were the last time you left it. How long it takes you to complete this online course really depends on you but 2h is a good guideline.