CB & Associates provides a complete External Supervision service to professionals across a wide range of industries. External supervision refers to the provision of support for the professional practice of workers through a qualified and experienced professional. The specialist is drawn from a panel of experts within CB & Associates and does not work within the organisation.

External supervision provides the supervisee with a confidential, positive, action-focussed space where work related issues can be explored. It helps clarify thoughts feelings and actions in relation to work. The External Supervisor is a good listener who provides feedback, as well as encouragement, praise for positives, validation for work and celebration of success.

How External Supervision works

The External Supervisor and the Supervisee together draw up an agreement and set the parameters for the session. Regular sessions are scheduled and agreed. Each session is usually one hour in duration.

Benefits of External Supervision

Supervision provides an excellent forum for reflective practice, to discuss cases and workload and for reassurance and validation. It is a time to identify areas of opportunity and reinforce strengths, overcome issues and challenges, get support, unload and debrief. Supervision assists with time management and organisation, self development and care, and in becoming more productive and effective.

  1. The supervisor sets the agenda ensuring that all supervision sessions are relevant and meaningful
  2. External supervision will assist in setting SMART goals and in developing strategic thinking
  3. Through supervision, the supervisee develops professionally, and enhances their competence and confidence in their role
  4. Supervision can lead to enhanced knowledge and skills
  5. Supervision acts as a catalyst for new ideas, alternative perspectives and thinking outside the box
  6. Supervision will support the supervisee check their accountability: to themselves, their clients and their employing organisation
  7. Supervision can help in dealing with conflict and sources of difficulty
  8. Supervision can be an excellent motivator and can assist with team building and role clarification
  9. Supervision will help the supervisee identify and manage day-to-day stress, and to develop a greater sense of well being and strength to meet the challenges in the workplace.