If you are going through a career crisis or you are starting off on your career path a career counselling sessions will help you yield personal, professional and organizational success.

Career Identification Coaching

We work with you (using psychometric assessments where necessary) to identify the right career for you. We aim to ensure that your qualifications, experience, skills, interests and values are reflected in your CV and the career you choose. Assistance can be provided in the job search, CV and interview preparation.

Career Transition Coaching

We work with you to identify what changes you want to make and why. We do an exploration of what you can bring from your experiences and past history with you to a new organisation or career. Assistance can be provided in the job search, CV and interview preparation.

Career Development Coaching

We work with you to identify any gaps in your professional life and provide tools and guidance on how to fill those gaps and be a success at work. Honest and structured feedback is provided by your coach to help you to develop yourself.

All Career Counselling programmes include:

Structured Career Direction Discussion

All our programs begin with an in-depth and comprehensive discussion consisting of a structured discussion exploring interests, values and perceived abilities.

This can often be sufficient in helping you gain clarity around your career objectives and motivated to seek the position/college course that suits your skills abilities and interests.

We provide handbook with tips and tools on how and where to search for the right job/college course and up to date CV and interview tips. (Other related information is provided where necessary).

Sometimes, more is needed to identify potential career paths/college courses and if so we recommend a psychometric assessment to highlight suitable careers to suit your skills, abilities, interests and motivation.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometrics are useful for measuring ability, personality, aptitude, skills and interests. They can be used to highlight specific personality traits, specific abilities, career preferences and are usually used in conjunction with other, relevant information to assist in the search for the right career, or to assist in your ongoing personal development.