Maintain Control & Delegate!

Delegation is an essential part of management. Yet many managers fear to let go of vital tasks, feeling that they run risks in delegating and that it's quicker to do it myself. This course will give you the essential tools you need to delegate well.

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Course Objectives

You will learn when delegation works and when to avoid it, how to choose who to delegate to, and how to make sure every aspect of the delegated task has been heard and understood. Using practical tools, case studies and role play, you will have a chance to practise your delegation skills in a safe environment so that you can delegate more confidently as well as more effectively.

Course Content

  1. The importance of delegation in managing effectively
  2. What is delegation and how to avoid 'dumping' (but still get the mundane stuff done)
  3. Selecting the right person to delegate to
  4. How to delegate and ensure the job is done successfully
  5. Delegation and teams
  6. Nine steps to delegation
  7. Delegation and coaching
  8. Levels of delegation and how to choose the appropriate level
  9. Effective communication in delegation
  10. Receiving delegation from others and making the most of it
  11. How to delegate when you are too busy to delegate

Course Certification

All participants will receive a Continuous Professional Development certificate outlining the number of hours of training completed.

Course Duration and Delivery

Online Training This course can be completed in 1h on our online platform. You can complete at anytime that suits you so you can go in and out of the course as much as you like. You will download your certificate after successful completion of the course.

Inhouse Training This course can be tailor made and adapted to suit the needs of your company. Please contact us for great rates on Inhouse Training on +353-1-6235908.

Course Booking

Delegation. Online Training.

Book now and start your training on a high quality digital platform. Course modules and assessment are completed online. You will download your certificate after successful completion of the course.

Online Training

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