You have had your "Eureka" moment, maybe you are motivated by being made redundant, wanting a better work-life balance, finally deciding to act on that idea that won't go away, or just wanting to be your own boss. For whatever reason you want to set up a new business it makes sense to sit down with an expert and work out what to do next.

CB & Associates will take you through the process of developing a professional Business Plan, that will enable you to answer all those questions along with many more you may not have even thought of yet.

Some of the key decisions you need to make

  • What is the best legal status for your business at this stage? Sole trader, limited company, partnership?
  • Is my idea financially viable?
  • What do I know about the market and my potential customers?
  • Is there help available for me?

Business Start Up Support

The completed Business Plan is the starting point for your new venture. We can arrange to sit down with you at agreed stages during the startup process to review your progress and offer support and advice along the way. The first year of any new business is crucial and our mentoring can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that cause many start-ups to fail. We can help you to:

  1. Manage your cashflow effectively
  2. Find your customers
  3. Promote your product or service
  4. Make sure you are compliant with any relevant legal and regulatory obligations.

Business Mentoring

Every business needs to review its progress now and again. Sometimes its a result of rapid growth, sometimes a crisis happens, or maybe its just dealing with the economic downturn. Very often being involved in the business so closely makes it hard for you to take a step back and make longer term plans

Our Business Mentoring service gives you invaluable outside perspective on your business.

Community and Social Sector Businesses

Our expertise in this area is second-to-none. We know that organisations in the Community, Voluntary and Social sector are running thriving and complex businesses often balancing several important agendas at the same time, such as

  • Providing employment
  • Training and educating your workforce
  • Meeting an essential local need
  • Covering your costs and generating a profit for the organisation.

Our unique mix of experience and skills allows us to contribute at every level of your business. Whether its corporate governance for a volunteer board of directors, strategic planning so you have a clear mission and goals that everyone signs up to, or a review of how well you are meeting your original goals, we have done it before and can help your organisation do its job better.

Managing your mission in the current economic climate, with associated cutbacks in all areas of funding means many organisations have had to examine carefully their cost base and their effectiveness. Because we also bring a business skillset to your organisation, we can guide you in making the often difficult decisions that have to be made, in order to keep your organisation viable.