This is a simple 5-step visual aid to the procedure

A person can collapse for a number of reasons; sudden fluctuation of blood pressure, or a drop in blood sugars, for example.

Ensure your company holds important known medical information in a secure file for each relevant employee (underlying medical condition, history of collapse, allergies, EpiPen dependency etc).

All staff files should also contain an emergency contact number and name/number of a next of kin.

If/When an adult collapses, try to remain calm. One person should be allocated to carry out the initial assessment and appropriate space should be afforded that person to do so (someone can stay close, but stand back). Consider also the collapsed person’s privacy and dignity. Allocate someone to reassure others and politely usher them on, or create a make-shift partition.

The Assessment

Note: Where a head injury (or any other known injury) has or may have occurred as a result of collapse or fall, call 999 or 112 immediately and ask for Ambulance.

  1. Tap firm on the shoulders and look for a response: "John, can you hear me?"
  2. Where no response is received call 999 or 211 and send for the nearest AED.
  3. Look and listen for vital signs (breathing and pulse)
  4. Where no response start CPR – Press hard and fast in centre of chest until ambulance arrives
  5. Where AED is available, Press Start and follow the instructions

Click here for a Visual Aid as to what to do in the event that an adult collapses.