The Risk Audit identifies potential hazards

Our Risk Assessment and Auditing service will ensure that your business is fully compliant with current legislation and best practice. The purpose of the audit is also to identify any potential hazards. Your audit report will give the recommended solutions to the problems identified. Our team has experience in Occupational Hygiene Monitoring, preparing Safety Statements and conducting Health & Safety Audits for organisations throughout Ireland.

Why carry out a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is required so that your business can identify any potential hazards and put precautionary measures in place to ensure these hazards are minimised or eliminated. If you engage our team to help prepare your Safety Statement we will provide a personalised tailor made service where we visit your business to do a site visit.

Risk Assessments follows three stages
  1. Identification of the hazard
  2. Identification of the level of risk
  3. Identification of the controls or improvements needed to manage the risk

On completion of our site visit we will supply you with a Health and Safety Audit report which will highlight any risks and will provide a set of recommendations to you. This report is used to develop your safety statement and to develop Safe Work Practice Sheets and relevant Risk Management procedures.