Soft Skills Training

CB & Associates provides an exciting range of Soft Skills training which are immediately available via our digital learning platform and can be directly booked from this website. We also provide these courses via inhouse training on your premises for your entire staff team.

If you wish us to come to your facility and deliver inhouse training call us on +353-1-6235908 for more information and highly competitive group training rates.

Doing Business Efficiently

Good communication is key to conducting business efficiently. This course will give you knowledge on the importance of effective communication, how to send clear messages and how to understand messages from others.

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Customer Satisfaction

This course will give you guidance on how to deal with customer service issues in the day to day running of a company. It will look at the needs and expectations of customers and how to solve problems and deal with complaints.

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Adding Value to Customer Care

Discover the best practices when trying to sell a product through customer service. Good customer care is essential for creating new customers, keeping loyal customers and ultimately growing the business.

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Increase your Sales

Solution selling is a technique that focusses on sales by addressing and solving the client's issues. This course will give you the knowledge, skills and attitude required to make extra sales and reach your goals by using this technique.

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