Business Training Courses

CB & Associates provides a unique range of Business training courses suitable for both Managers and Employess which are only available online and can be booked directly from this website.

Preventing Bribery in your Business

This course is designed to give you the knowledge to know difference between a bribe and a gift. How to react to a possible bribe. It will show you how to create bribery policies and how to measure discipline for accepting a bribe.

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Understanding the Legislation

This course is designed to give you the knowledge of all definitions related to money laundering legislation. You will learn about the guidelines and procedures with regard to money laundering and why money laundering is performed.

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Would you know what to do?

This course will give you the knowledge of threat analysis & risk assessment. You will learn about the different categories of armed robberies and how armed robbers think. You will learn how to protect your business and how to act during a robbery.

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Learn to Write Effectively

This course is designed to enhance your business writing skills to maximise performance. Apart from the benefits of good business writing, you will learn effective business writing techniques, how to develop your writing style and how to proof-read effectively.

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